Letter from the Faculty Director, 2019

Welcome to Apollon, Volume 9!  Fairfield University presents the inaugural 2019 issue of the undergraduate digital journal first developed by the Berea College editorial team under the leadership of Faculty Director and Associate Professor Jason Cohen.  I finally met Jason in person at the appropriately-named Renaissance Hotel during the Shakespeare Association of America Annual Convention in Washington D.C. last month.  As fellow early-modernists, we have the good fortune of presenting at the same conferences every year, and we plan to keep our collaborative work on the journal moving forward.

Apollon’s editorial staff has worked tirelessly this past academic year to maintain Apollon’s legacy of excellence in undergraduate humanities scholarship.  I am proud of what we have accomplished.  I thank Alec Lurie, Ellie Conklin, Jared Novotny, Caitlin Mulhall, and Shannon Carney for their dedication and teamwork, as together we learned the ropes of running a digital journal.  This volume’s essays address film, literature, art history, and visual culture from the perspectives of critical race studies, gender and sexuality, and queer theory. Each of these essays offers close-reading and cutting-edge scholarly research of the highest caliber.  We are excited to publish Apollon’sfirst article in Spanish, and believe that this is the beginning of our ability to support bilingual readers and authors through a peer review process conducted entirely in Spanish.  We are currently accepting submissions for Volume 10, and have detailed instructions under the “Submit” and “About” links.

I look forward to hearing your reactions to Volume 9, and hope that you will offer suggestions and feedback for our future editions. We look forward to hearing from you!


All best,

 Shannon Kelley

Faculty Director of Apollon

Associate Professor of English, Fairfield University