Peer Reviewer Application

Thanks for your interest in working with us on Apollon. As a member of the undergraduate review board, you will be offering deep and insightful peer review of the submissions we receive from undergraduate authors at your school and other colleges and universities. Your job is challenging, but it has only one final goal - to select the best essays and offer feedback that pushes an essay's author toward more incisive prose and sustained analysis. From paper to paper, you will offer one of four possible decisions on each essay - Accept, Accept with minor changes, Revise and resubmit, or Reject - and each of the first three categories constitutes a promise from Apollon to publish the author's paper if she or he lives up to her end of the deal by completing the revisions and emendations that you, as a peer reviewer, require. You will, consequently, be thinking deeply about what is good enough to be published, and how (you will ask) these authors should be asked to adjust their work in order to sharpen its argument, clarify its framework, streamline its organization, or improve the execution of its analysis. 

Your job is at the heart of the ejournal: without excellent peer review, we will not be able to develop excellent articles, and without excellent articles, our ejournal will not demand the respect of your peers and prospective employers.

Reviewers will be given basic guidelines to work with and a response form to submit along with each review. Each reviewer will also be given, to the extent possible, papers that connect with her or his interests and that represent a reasonable distribution of the total workload (that is, nobody will be asked to do an impossible amount of work, and nobody will be asked to comment on pieces that do not treat topics acceptable to the reviewer). However, we will ask you to stretch your comprehension and be flexible in your thinking. This is a creative position: you can help your peers re-formulate their papers, and you can be proud of the positive influence on their thinking and writing that your contribution will have.

In order to know where you fit into this intellectual and organizational milieu, we'd like you to write two pieces for this application.

Cover Letter

Write us a cover letter that discusses (1) your major and your primary area(s) of academic interest, and any other relevant interests that might contribute to your work with us; (2) your experience (none is necessary, but it's helpful to know) with publishing, editing, peer review, or other relevant work; (3) your view of role as a reviewer, by which we mean that you should address (a) what, in your view, you do well, (b) what you're most interested to learn with this project, and (c) what unique contribution you will make to our ongoing work.  In addition, please submit a resume.

Writing Sample

Please submit a short (1-2pp single spaced) writing sample.  Your cover letter need not be overly long (1-2pp, single spaced), but it will give us a chance to get to know you, your strengths, and how we can help you to achieve your own goals for your participation in this project. Finally, however, please also note that this is a short example of your writing, and we want to know that you can compose solid prose, so look at this request also as a moment to show that you write well enough to serve on the review board of an intercollegiate ejournal.

We look forward to reading your work. If you have questions or comments (or improvements to suggest  in this document or others you have seen), please do not hesitate to contact us.

When you are ready with your paperwork, click submit and attach all relevant documentation.  Thank you.