Editorial, Volume Four

Two Parts Passion, One Part Pragmatism, Browner Chides:

By Charles Badger

On March 3, Carol Browner granted a half hour interview with Apollon following her convocation. “The nation that leads in green jobs will be the leader of the 21st Century,” she declared in her speech before the student population. In wide-ranging remarks, she cited everything from melting polar ice caps to U.S. military’s transportation cost in Afghanistan to “knowing your neighbors” as reasons to support the United States’ transition to a cleaner and more sustainable future.

Editorial, Volume Four

In the Wake of Fukushima

During Carol Browner’s March 3rd Convocation lecture, she discussed many of the alternative energy sources being considered for development as a means to kick the United States’ oil addiction. As Charles Badger noted in his editorial, some environmentalists in attendance were in disagreement with Browner’s policy-driven approach to environmental pragmatism. 


Universal Panopticon

By Brittany Collins 

Charles Chesnutt's collection of stories entitled The Conjure Woman, which involve the telling of past plantation stories by an elderly former slave named Julius McAdoo to a curious white couple named John and Annie, were originally published in 1899.


How Quickly Nature Falls Into Revolt

By Mike Strumpf

When the first folio edition of William Shakespeare's works was published in 1623, "it was not clear whose idea the collected volume was or even what was the precise motivation for it" (Proudfoot, Thompson, & Kastan-1998, 8), but the inclusion of two actors that worked with Shakespeare in the publication process underscores the importance of accuracy of authorial intent in the volume.


Black Sabbath

By Victoria Winfree

For the duration of Randolph College’s fall 2009 semester, visitors to the Maier Museum of Art are treated to a special exhibition, titled Teaching Begins Here: Recent Works by Randolph College Art Faculty. 

Video Matters

Ron Rash on AVM

Ron Rash's first published work was the collection of short stories, The Night the New Jesus Fell to Earth and Other Stories from Cliffside, North Carolina. The ten stories in this collection are told through the voices of a chicken farmer, a carpenter, and a man who has recently returned home to visit his mother.